To call in the statistician after the experiment is done may be no more than asking him to perform a post-mortem examination: he may be able to say what the experiment died of.
Sir R. A. Fisher

This is a page about what I've learned so far and which I usually put in some kind of technical notes or even handbooks.

My academic publications should be found on this page.

In addition to the notes I took on my blog-like page, I also maintain a small repository of tips and tricks. And here are some pictures I took when installing various computing stuff on my MacBook Pro... This was long before the AppStore era, when OS X was a fairly competitive and pleasant computing environment. Here is also my current bibliography (4648 entries, including abstract when possible), ever growing (last updated: 2010-09-20): Bibtex (> 8.3 Mo) | html.

Statistical handbooks

Provided in separate pages (work in progess, for some years now...).

  1. From SAS to R in clinical research Preview version
  2. R Companion to Montgomery's Design and Analysis of Experiments (2005) Now on Github
  3. Analysing discrete correlated data using R

Technical notes

Often written on the fly, but include academic references for more serious work.

  1. RStudio tips, How to get started with RStudio quickly (work in progress)
  2. Psychometrics and IRT with R
  3. Regression Methods in Biostatistics
  4. Quelques notes sur le testing adaptatif, pdf, 540 Ko (source: tex)
  5. Introduction aux statistiques inférentielles, pdf, 728 Ko, exercices de probabilités (corrigés) (pdf), exercices de statistiques (corrigés) (pdf)
  6. Quelques notes sur la thérapie génique, pdf, 476 Ko (source: tex)
  7. How to test for mediation and moderation effects in biomedical research, pdf, 627 Ko (source: tex) Preview version
  8. Examples of power analysis in clinical trials, pdf, xx Ko (source: tex), with online references

Older notes

Mainly outdated.

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