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2022-01-28 18:09 #

Got nvim-dap to work for all languages I configured (C, Python, Rust), except Haskell for the moment. Together with ‘nvim-telescope/telescope-dap.nvim’ and ‘theHamsta/nvim-dap-virtual-text’, it provides a neat interface to DAP. #vim

2022-01-28 18:09 #

  Current 93, All the Pretty Little Horses.

2022-01-27 20:44 #

You can fix spelling error by selecting the first suggested alternative automagically using 1z=. Add this to your (Neo)Vim config, and you will thank me later:

inoremap <C-s> <c-g>u<Esc>[s1z=`]a<c-g>u

(Or bind whatever key you want.) This allows to fix any previous error(s) (thanks to the last bit of magic) using the first suggested entry while you’re in insert mode. #vim

2022-01-27 20:44 #

  Lydia Loveless, Let’s Make Out.

2022-01-25 10:19 #

What Gemini is doing, is saying “we don’t need no videos, images, stylesheets, nor JavaScripts, because we want to have a lightweight web experience, so we throw all that crap out!”. Fine, sounds great. But why does it require a new protocol for that? Why couldn’t one simply build on top of existing HTTP infrastructure, throw away all the baggage and instead implement a new Content-Type, which existing browsers then could parse? — Gemini is Solutionism at its Worst

2022-01-24 21:41 #
2022-01-24 21:39 #

Hot end of the week in the kitchen ;-)


2022-01-24 20:45 #

  Jacques Loussier Trio, Gymnopédie No. 1, Variation 1.

2022-01-21 20:25 #