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The unquantified self #20

December 25, 2021

Yet another post about how life is going while I’m about to complete this year 2021. I’ll be on holidays for the next two weeks. I haven’t had time to write as much blog posts than I originally thought last month, but I’m not worried. I will have plenty of time later on, probably, and if not this means those blog posts can wait. In the meantime, I managed to finish Homeland, and I listened to a lot of nice playlists of jazz but also from the post-punk era (close to 500 tracks each week for a month). You can check it out on

Sometimes I miss my old good Nord dark theme. As an alternative to my current setup (kitty + zsh), I considered using xterm + tmux. This might provide an easy-to-getup setup for remote machine since I only need to copy two config files. I grabbed xterm settings on GitHub and I started hacking my xterm config by adding a few options in $HOME/.Xresources:

xterm*faceName: JetBrains Mono
xterm*faceSize: 11
xterm*selectToClipboard: true
XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true

This set up xterm with a decent font, while allowing to copy from the clipboard (using Shift-Insert) and using the alt key (which I need for my tmux keybindings). My tmux setup is almost unchanged except that I wanted to replicate some kitty facilities, like the fact that we can hide the window status bar if there’s only one window opened. Here comes a little hack based on tmux hooks, which I found after reading this gist:

set -g status off
set-hook -g after-new-window 'if "[ #{session_windows} -gt 1 ]" "set status on"'
set-hook -g pane-exited 'if "[ #{session_windows} -lt 2 ]" "set status off"'

Now I have a nifty CLI setup based xterm and tmux, which remains available on almost all machines I deal with everyday.

Other than those Unix geekeries, here are some good dishes cooked lately:

♪ Mazzy Star • Fade into you


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