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The unquantified self #19

November 22, 2021

As I’m (temporarily) tired of reviewing the intertubes and posting more or less interesting links on this blog, I decided to focus on Lisp/Racket and statistical programming until the end of the year at least. Ideally, I would like to translate some of the APSTAT algorithms in Scheme, maybe write some bindings for the Apache Arrow library for Racket, use Racket sketching or CL sketch for data visualization, and explore related packages for data processing in Racket. Actually, I really like Chicken Scheme, since it was the first Scheme I used for real applications 10 years ago, after Jan de Leeuw mentioned it in one of his regular emails on the UCLA statcompute list. Its FFI module is easy to use, which could ease the integration of Fortran or C code into reliable statistical libraries. Still, I like Racket better, for it has a lot of convenient procdeure built-in, and it comes with a powerful graphical backend. Stay tuned!

I’m done with Homeland Season 6. When I drafted this post, I was not quite sure to go on with the next seasons, but I didn’t find anything really exciting to fill my evenings. I guess I might as well read the pile of books waiting for me. Finally I did both: I started Season 7 and read a bunch of books.

I listen to music (thanks to Cmus) and Bandcamp almost all day for three weeks now, and it’s been great. When I look at my stats, I see that I’m currently listening to 500 tracks each week. This does not include vinyls played at home, nor some of the iTunes tracks that don’t get scrobbled for whatever reason. Anyway, I’m quite happy with my current setup, and writing those blog posts has never been as comfortable now that I’m more used to (Neo)vim and that my blogging infrastructure doesn’t get updated every two weeks (which meant lot of breaking changes when I was on Homebrew). The only thing left from my Apple days is my photo library, which I haven’t relocated on my home server yet.

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