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The unquantified self #17

August 19, 2021

I spent a few days last week at a friend’s house. On the program: swimming pool, ping-pong with my son. It was a bit strange to spend a week of vacation in the region where I was born but in a house other than one of my family’s homes. Anyway, it was nice to have a change of scenery, even if of course the health pass complicates everything lately.

I upgraded to Mathematica 12, since there was a 40% discount last week. I spent half an hour customizing the UI since they changed the default font size (Source Code Pro 15), and this was also an opportunity to remove the Home bar as well as the status bar. I’ve been using Mathematica 11 for the past two years, I still need to review the latest addition to the language and libraries. You can expect a few posts in the future, especially since I decided to replace Stata with Mathematica as my only paid software for statistical computing.

I wrote a few blog posts about my recent adoption of Neovim and its Lua-based config. I’m quite happy with my current settings: It remains minimalistic while allowing me to be even more productive when it comes to writing code or prose. That’s a good deal, IMO. I still have a wrap-up post to write, since I want to summarize my experience with other Neovim-only packages, and why I think fewer is better, provided you’re comfortable with built-in features.

I have a few books to read while I’m on holidays. I cleaned up my apartment, and I am now very happy with the way it looks. Finally, I got a new home. Before going back to work, I’d like to make the most of it, with my son of course.

I continue watching Strager‘s streams on Twitch, and I added a couple of other channels to my playlist. It takes me hours to watch all of them, but I like it and I learn a lot, more than I ever learned by just reading books in fact.

I’m almost done with Season 2 of Homeland.


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