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The unquantified self #5

February 22, 2019

Winter is over. And here are the evening news of a man in post-hibernation period.

Today was the first day of the year I was able to eat outside, I mean on my balcony.

The beginning of the year was less productive in terms of posts on the main site. I spent most of my time micro-blogging instead, around 4-5 posts/day. I still listen to a lot of music, but essentially when the day is over and you can finally touch the smell of the night. It has always been this way: I feel more relaxed when it gets dark, and jazz and alternative music is better when you are relaxed anyway. I spent a lot of time listening to the complete collection of Keith Jarrett and his trio. This was delightful as always.

I finally got a new job and found myself relocated to the university, 30 minutes from home. That’s a good deal, and the research lab was really welcoming. The job is both exciting (I’m back in a real research lab) and challenging (It feels like I must learn a new language every day — molecular biology and genomic analysis on fungi). The first three days were quite hard due to my returning from a one-year fallback period, slightly amplified by my morning medication. Even working part-time, I felt tired as soon I got home and was unable to do anything until 6 in the evening. Now, I feel it is going better. Hopefully it will improve over time.

I started watching a new TV series, Occupied. Slowly, but surely. I often feel a little tired or bored past 10 pm. My son and I are also almost done with The 100. This was a nice TV show, after Vikings.

Lately, I deleted 90% of my Gmail content. It feels good, really. I have a backup of important work email, although I disconnected it from my Mu config. I also deleted several Go of Dropbox data that I accumulated over years for my consulting activities or for daily work. A good spring cleaning, to say the least.


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