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The unquantified self #2

June 18, 2018

Not much to say as an intro. This is just about me, I’m the one talking.

I’ve spent some good time with Apple Music. Here is a lovely playlist from the ECM Records:

I’ve heard about Roon but iTunes relayed on my amp is enough for me right now.

Still no real job. I wouldn’t be the first to complain, except for the financial aspects. I’m still in a ghost character position for public administration. Looks like I may need to find another job myself. Still, I keep looking for fresh news.

That’s it! We are done with The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-8). Pierre and I spent almost 3 months watching this series on the Apple TV. We had a good time together every week when he came over to the house. On my side I watched Bron Season 3. Pierre will be 14 in a few days. It just leaves me speechless. Who would have thought I’d be a father one day? Probably just him.

There are ups and downs to living with half a valid heart, like there are ups and downs to living with half a runaway life. That’s probably what it means to live in a depressed mood every other day. Don’t know why at this point. The hardest thing is just to let it go I guess. I returned to the hospital recently. That was not a pleasant experience as one might guess, but it took on a special meaning for me: the certainty that all this would never be over.

Place Jussieu. Mixed memories. A way to go to my old Math classes, then to the boxing hall, and later to stroll around.


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