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RSS is trending

November 9, 2019

Twitter is not fun anymore. Politics all the time, surveillance capitalism fanboys and memes. And: nobody is reacting to my tweets, because Twitter doesn’t like tweets with links, because then people would leave the Twitter app or site… — Jan-Lukas Else

Same for me. I managed to create some lists with selected persons I’ve been following for a long time, but I must admit I’ve done my time on Twitter. I no longer find any interest in 80% of what I read, so it has become a singular waste of time.

You choose the web you want. But you have to do the work.

A lot of people are doing the work. You could keep telling them, discouragingly, that what they’re doing is dead. Or you could join in the fun. — Brent Simmons

Some good insights from a twenty-year blogger. The list of RSS feeds that I keep reading on my laptop or my phone is constantly growing and paradoxically I feel much more pleasure spending time here than I ever felt on Twitter. That’s because there’s no such constraints on a blog (think of number of characters that are allowed, or simply post formatting), and above all people really have something interesting to share, something that led them to plan some time writing it down.

Micro-blogging is also a great alternative to Twitter or Facebook. Now, you decide where to (micro-)blog. I for one decided to host everything on this website: static blog are way better than Wordpress and the like, if you care about updating the structure of your site at some point, mass retagging, efficiently searching for old posts using powerful command-line tools; a micro-blog is nothing but a standard blog where you limit yourself to short posts and adopt sort of a temporal flow to display the micro-posts.

Overall, I am quite happy that RSS is trending again.

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