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Stuck at home

March 25, 2020

I’m stuck at home because of the thing you all know. I would not normally regard this as something very cumbersome since I spend most of my time at home anyway, and I used to work at home a lot. However, I got a new position last year, and I had to get used to working in a lab all day. Now I find it hard to motivate myself to work alone at home. No worry, this is just me and once I’ll find a side project that keep me busy, I will soon get back to professional work.

Second case in point is that I now have to schedule groceries in a very digilent way: I need to buy enough for 10 or 15 days, and I must avoid the crowd, because I don’t give a lot of my skin if I catch something right now, considering the state of hospital emergencies in this country (and given that my current condition could become quite a big deal, at anytime).

That being said, I’m fine. I’m with my son for the quarantine, he’s doing good and I happily spend most of time helping him with his homeworks, cooking and reading (lot of) books. Luckily we have plenty of TV shows to watch. We already finished Season 6 of The 100, and we will probably get back to the Black List this evening (3 seasons left, plus some remaining episodes from Season 4).

I thought I would have lot of time to purge part of reading list, or to enjoy some Lisp/Scheme coding late at night, and so on. Now I realize that I’m a long way from realizing all those expectations until I find a way to motivate myself, again. But maybe at some point working from home can be magical, and I hope that this still works for me:

I’ve learned to reframe “procrastination” as “marination.” I used to feel guilty about putting off large tasks, but the fact is that I’m constantly thinking about and examining those tasks while I avoid working on them. Deadline pressure helps me focus, and by the time I’m ready to start working on it, I find I’ve already planned it out, mostly subconsciously, during my marination time. Again, that might not work for anyone but me, but seeing it that way has saved me a lot of guilt. I actually feel good about the time I spend planning and brainstorming in the back of my mind while I do something I enjoy.

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