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Recent lectures on HRQL, Genetic Epidemiology, and Psychometrics

May 13, 2010

Here is a brief sketch of what I have read from January on. This is mainly related to health-related quality of life, psychometrics, genetics, and psychiatry. No really to comment out, just a traceback for myself.

Also, I assembled a bunch of key papers in HRQL that I actually share with my colleagues (using the so great Dropbox facilities!). For those who might be interested, here is the ever growing references list in TXT format. I maintained a similar list for genetics, especially association studies and behavioral genetics, but I will now stop its maintenance: too time consuming…

I am also diving into personality research, not so to remember my earlier education in psychology, but to better understand the link between personality traits, genetics, and HRQL. I shall return to this topic later.

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