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Neovim useful plugins (4/n)

July 29, 2021

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Since I decided to keep my setup as lightweight as possible, and to rely on (Neo)vim builtins as much as I can, I have no other packages than those listed in the very first post of this series. However, I keep looking at new Neovim-related plugins, written in Lua since I expect them to be faster and easier to integrate than their Vim-only counterparts. For a full list of awesome (or not) plugins, you can check out this list hosted on GitHub.

Here is a list of plugins that I am particularly interested in:

I finally installed the plugin and gave it a try. The s<char> for visual selection and ys{motion}{char} are quite handy, and in the former case the cursor moves to the previous position in the jump list apparently. Also, this only works for all sort of brackets, not special characters like back ticks — you could probably add it to the pairs option (a Lua’s dictionary for nested and linear pairs of surrounding characters), but it didn’t work for me. Finally, the prefix (“s”) can be changed if necessary, and you can use Tim Pope’s mappings as well. For what is worth, I’ll keep using my own shortcuts.

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