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Micro posting in November

November 29, 2019

2019-11-04:   Brad Mehldau Trio, Brad Mehldau Trio.
2019-11-04: > I don’t know coding at all anymore. Most of the code I write is in my e-mails. So somebody sends me a patch … I [reply with] pseudo code. I’m so used to editing patches now I sometimes edit patches and send out the patch without having ever tested it. I literally wrote it in the mail and say, ‘I think this is how it should be done,’ but this is what I do, I am not a programmer. — Linus Torvalds, on Slashdot
2019-11-04: > The TV app is not an app. It’s a store. And Apple knows a thing or two about running stores. They know the more you walk in and hang out, the more likely you will spend some money while you are in there. — Joe Cieplinski (via Michael Tsai)See also: Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV+. #apple
2019-11-04: It’s quite unfortunate that my recent attempts at trying to compile the Haskell IDE engine, to use Fork or Caret have all ended in failure. At least, I may be working on what I’m supposed to be paid for.
2019-11-04: Marry the Problem – Not the Solution.
2019-11-04: Sunsetting intero. It looks like Emacs folks may have to switch to Dante or Haskell IDE soon or later.
2019-11-05: > Bio[logy] today is where information technology was 50 years ago: on the precipice of touching all of our lives. — Biology is Eating the World: A Manifesto
2019-11-05: > Every once in a while, try installing your software from scratch, along with all the dependencies. Ideally, you want your installation process to be as simple and frictionless as possible. — They Might Never Tell You It’s Broken
2019-11-05: Yesterday evening was the second to last episode of Below the surface. It can be watched but it’s certainly not worth Westworld, IMO.
2019-11-05: Gyroscope is probably yet another app to lose anonymity without gaining much, but it definitely looks like a gorgeous app.
2019-11-05: Herbie: Find and fix floating-point problems.
2019-11-05: Should I Rust, or Should I Go.
2019-11-05: Summary of C/C++ integer rules.
2019-11-06:   Kristin Hersh, Sunny Border Blue.
2019-11-06: Caret looks great but is definitely broken, IMO (how come the welcome screen is saved as a screenshot and we can’t close any folder currently opened?). Typora appears like a great alternative to existing apps for Markdown editing.
2019-11-06: How to submit an Electron App to App Store using Electron-Packager, or How to Submit an Electron 7 App to the Apple App Store, and finally You Cannot Submit an Electron 6 (or 7) App to the Apple Store. BTW, Photon looks great for Electron app on macOS. #apple
2019-11-06: A deeper dive into UMAP theory.> In its simplest sense, the UMAP algorithm consists of two steps: construction of a graph in high dimensions followed by an optimization step to find the most similar graph in lower dimensions. In order to achieve this goal, the algorithm relies on a number of insights from algebraic topology and Riemannian geometry. Despite the intimidating mathematics, the intuitions behind the core principles are actually quite simple: UMAP essentially constructs a weighted graph from the high dimensional data, with edge strength representing how “close” a given point is to another, then projects this graph down to a lower dimensionality. The advanced mathematics gives UMAP a solid footing with which to handle the challenges of doing this in high dimensions with real data.
2019-11-06: Dive into Deep Learning, by Alex Smola and coll. Blog post here.
2019-11-06: L’astuce (qui n'était pas) de John Carmack.
2019-11-06: Live At Noe Valley Ministry.

2019-11-06: Nice work!> Over decades I’ve written a lot of personal code. I made a bar chart race showing how many lines I’ve written in different languages over time.
2019-11-07:   Some random musings around Keith Jarrett.
2019-11-07: > The option to “Download Originals to this Mac” doesn’t apply to shared photos. So you can’t back them up youself, and there’s no backup in the cloud. Not only does it no longer download the photos, but it also deleted the ones that had been downloaded by macOS 10.14. — Catalina No Longer Caches Shared Photos LocallySee also Gone, by Tyler Hall. #apple
2019-11-07: TIL about a new X11/tmux compliant text editor: kakoune.
2019-11-07: Data Integration, Manipulation and Visualization of Phylogenetic Trees.
2019-11-07: How to send good pull requests on GitHub.
2019-11-07: Piano Chill (since yesterday).

2019-11-07: Programming for Lovers. #bioinformatics
2019-11-08: > It also fails to mention that the Safe Browsing feature sends, from your IP address, information about the sites you visit to Google or Tencent. — Apple’s New Privacy Page
2019-11-08: > To riff on an idea from Alan Jacobs, a blog can be a kind of garden—perhaps one that is well-tended, or perhaps one that is gone a bit wild and overgrown, but either way a place where the structure is organic and emergent as much as it is planned. Even the most carefully-kept gardens have surprises in them, courtesy of the infinite variety that is life. — Tending My Word-Garden
2019-11-08: I just updated my Doom Emacs, which was 10 weeks old. Of course, I had to start from scratch since the upgrade process failed miserably. Great news: they switched to MS Python LSP, which is supposed to be better than the default LSP. BTW, the material icon fonts may fail to install properly, so be sure to check it is right into ~/Library/Fonts in case you see strange icons in your modeline. #emacs
2019-11-11: Interesting idea: Literate Git.
2019-11-11: Just started watching The Rook. Looks good so far.
2019-11-11: Little memory from the family weekend.

2019-11-11: TIL there’s a very interesting series of posts on Compiling a Functional Language Using C++ on Daniel’s Blog.
2019-11-11: Another Book on Data Science: Learn R and Python in Parallel.
2019-11-11: Doing Bayesian Data Analysis in brms and the tidyverse. Just in case you’re interested in performing Bayesian analysis the tidyverse way. #rstats
2019-11-12:   John Abercrombie Quartet, Within A Song.
2019-11-12: Fish: Further exploration, by Brett Terpstra.
2019-11-12: Sketch: A Common Lisp framework for the creation of electronic art, visual design, game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer interaction, and more. #lisp
2019-11-12: usql: A universal command-line interface for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database, SQLite3, Microsoft SQL Server, and many other databases including NoSQL and non-relational databases! #database
2019-11-13: It turns out the new Apple Macbook Pro will be just under $4500 when maxed out (except for the HD which I choose to stay at 2TB SSD). You can save $800 by giving up the 64 GB of RAM. #apple
2019-11-14: > ICANN made this deal much more valuable by removing all price controls on .org. — Breaking: Private Equity company acquires .Org registryIf you have a .org domain, like me, it’s probably time to renew it for 10 or 15 years as Manton Reece suggests.
2019-11-14: TIL about Sketchviz, which allows to pimp your Graphviz diagram a bit. (h/t John D. Cook)
2019-11-14: Emacs resources for writers. (via Irreal) #emacs
2019-11-14: The 16-inch MacBook Pro. #apple
2019-11-14: Very Basic Form Styling.
2019-11-15:   Current Joys, A Different Age.
2019-11-15: Development of nvim is amazing. Now it features LSP integration. #vim
2019-11-15: TIL about Known, a collaborative social publishing engine, by reading Ben Werdmüller’s great advice of how to blog in 2020. So, what’s blogging?> Here’s what it’s not: professional article writing. If you want to go through multiple rounds of editing, please do. If you want to write two thousand word epics about your topic of choice, please do. But it’s also okay to write up a hundred quick words and post them without thinking twice about it.» When you blog, you’re building up a body of work that represents you online. It’s a gateway into your thought process more than anything else. So do what moves you - whether that’s short thoughts, bookmarks you like, essays, fiction, poetry, photo albums, and so on. You do you. The only thing that’s really important is that you keep doing it.Thanks to Jan-Lukas Else for the pointer!
2019-11-15: TIL about chemacs, an Emacs profile switcher. #emacs
2019-11-15: The 80/24 rule, by Mark Seemann.
2019-11-18:   Anne Queffélec, Satie: Piano Works.
2019-11-18: > So the main selling point of this new, $2,399 computer is that it fixes some of the unforced errors that Apple made in 2016. You’re paying to get the same sort of keyboard, the same escape key, the same arrow keys that you could buy in 2015. Apple fans would pay even more to get the MagSafe charger they had back then, too, or to not have the TouchBar at all. — Something is wrong with computers
2019-11-18: How To Keep Your Free Heroku App Alive and Prevent It From Going to Sleep.
2019-11-18: What Would the Father of Cybernetics Think About A.I. Today?> Wiener’s central insight was that the world should be understood in terms of information. Complex systems, such as organisms, brains, and human societies, consist of interlocking feedback loops in which signals exchanged between subsystems result in complex but stable behavior. When feedback loops break down, the system goes unstable. He constructed a compelling picture of how complex biological systems function, a picture that is by and large universally accepted today.» (…)» A major fear of the singulariteers is that as computers become more involved in designing their own software, they’ll rapidly bootstrap themselves into achieving superhuman computational ability. But the evidence of machine learning points in the opposite direction. As machines become more powerful and capable of learning, they learn more and more as human beings do—from multiple examples, often under the supervision of human and machine teachers. Education is as hard and slow for computers as it is for teenagers.
2019-11-19: > Don’t use Windows 10 - It’s a privacy nightmare. —
2019-11-19: Lovely pictures: Dreamy Cave-Like Photos Taken Inside Musical Instruments.
2019-11-19: How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results.
2019-11-19: Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt. I still use zsh in Emacs, so let’s give it a go. And there’s a port for Fish, btw.
2019-11-19: The Language Agnostic, All-Purpose, Incredible, Makefile (via HN).
2019-11-20:   Morcheeba, Blood Like Lemonade.
2019-11-20: > It doesn’t matter who is guarding the walled garden’s gate if increasingly no one wants to go inside. So there’s a better word than “gatekeeper” to describe what we’re really after in building a great community-focused platform. It’s “curator”. Someone who is responsible for maintaining the best experience for users. — Open gardens
2019-11-20: Here we go finally. Another LSP server running fine with Doom Emacs!

2019-11-20: I spent a couple of hours building the full Haskell stack (aka haskell-ide-engine), with stack. (This was possible after I realized an old cctools from Homebrew was causing trouble all along.) I ended up with a 8+ Gb .stack directory, for a few command-line executables that now sit in my .local directory. Now, how do I clean up things? Enjoy!
2019-11-20: TIL about Witch, by the designers of Moom:> Switch Everything» The built-in macOS app switcher is great if all you use are one-window applications. But you probably have many windows open in many apps, possibly with many tabs, and navigating them all is a pain. Enter Witch, with which you can switch everything.
2019-11-20: TIL about bitwarden as a possible replacement to 1Password, thanks to Jack Baty.
2019-11-20: How to C in 2016.
2019-11-20: The Hippie Aesthetic of the 60s Is “Art Nouveau on Acid”.
2019-11-21: Diving again into Shiny today. Happy to see nothing has changed (so much), so that I can reuse my boilerplate template from 4 years. #rstats
2019-11-21: I had to cheat a bit for a few dozens of math-heavy problems, but overall I am quite happy with how much has been done in the past few months.

2019-11-21: Last episode of The Rook tonight. Interesting, although TBH the scenario could have been a little more developed.
2019-11-21: The LSP rename things is so useful (no more query-replace in single file)! #emacs
2019-11-21: Recipes for using R’s data.table package, via @eddelbuettel. #rstats
2019-11-21: Symbolic Formulae for Linear Mixed Models, via @ucfagls.
2019-11-22:   Nick Cave & The bad Seeds, The Abattoir Blues Tour.
2019-11-22: How lovely… The Art of the Travelling Salesman Problem. See also TSP Art.
2019-11-22: Nice trick by Brett Terpstra: iTerm and the Find pasteboard. #apple
2019-11-22: TIL about texme, a self-rendering Markdown + LaTeX documents written in JS.
2019-11-22: 12 Common Mistakes and Missed Optimization Opportunities in SQL.
2019-11-22: Rational approximations. #lisp
2019-11-25: > I had felt since the 2016 US election that Twitter had spiraled into a worse and worse condition; the site felt engineered to drive more and more “engagement” at the expense of human misery. So making a clean break dramatically improved my mental well-being. — in which we get socially rendered
2019-11-25: > Privacy is a group inoculation. Even if you self-host, there’s nothing to prevent your information from being inadvertently gathered by your friend who hasn’t taken the same steps. Not to mention that self-hosting is really hard! At its simplest, you need to know how to use command line tools (or, if you’re using shared hosting, be comfortable with FTP). At its hardest, you need to have some server administration skills. For those reasons, I don’t think self-hosting is a real solution to the problem in itself. There are lots of other great reasons to self-host: having full control of your web presence and data, if you have the means and the skills, allows you to better represent yourself online. — Escape from Google
2019-11-25: Guess who forgot to bring that dish (butternut squash with spices) to the table last Saturday?

2019-11-25: Just found out the morning paper:> The Morning Paper: a short summary every weekday of an important, influential, topical or otherwise interesting paper in the field of computer science.
2019-11-25: Pretty old school R plots and HTML pages:,
2019-11-25: Ash & Ice.

2019-11-25: Beating C with 1 line of Brainfuck. Enjoy!
2019-11-25: Deploying a Shiny app as a desktop application with Electron. #rstats
2019-11-25: Designing ggplots: making clear figures that communicate.
2019-11-25: Fundamentals of Data Visualization. #dataviz
2019-11-25: Interactive Linear Algebra. (via HN)
2019-11-25: hugo-easy-gallery: Interesting template to display a directory full of images.
2019-11-26:   Beirut, The Flying Club Cup.
2019-11-26: > It is ridiculously hard to go from models to applications. — Better computational complexity does not imply better speed
2019-11-26: > It seems that by default formal technical documentation is targeted towards someone who’s deeply immersed in the ecosystem. But many developers have to juggle a lot of “worlds” in their heads daily. — Examples are the best documentation
2019-11-26: If you’re interested in switching to or are already using the Fish shell, Brett Terpstra has made all his scripts available for free.
2019-11-26: A tour of probabilistic programming language APIs. #python
2019-11-26: Docker Cleanup Commands.
2019-11-26: Emacs: The Editor for the Next Forty Years. #emacs> I learned Emacs in September, 1983
> It is now November, 2019
> …that’s over thirty six years!
> An amazingly long time.
> — Perry E. Metzger

2019-11-27:   Brad Mehldau, After Bach.
2019-11-27: > Darwin itself was originally released by Apple in November 2000. It is a fork of Rhapsody, which was the codename used for Apple’s next-generation operating system after the purchase of NeXT in 1998. Darwin utilises the XNU kernel, and currently runs on modern x86-64 processors, as well as 32-bit ARM processors in the case of older iOS devices (e.g. the iPhone 5C).
> Many well-known elements of macOS such as the Cocoa framework and the famous Aqua graphical user interface are not included in Darwin, and unfortunately remain closed source. — A Look at PureDarwin
2019-11-27: Started watching Killing Eve recently.
2019-11-27: TIL you can export your Org slides to FoilTeX instead of Beamer. #emacs
2019-11-27: Kulfon: Generate Websites from Data, Instantly. #org
2019-11-27: Visualizing Algorithms.
2019-11-28: > Anyway, our point is if you’re going to read a Haskell manual for 10 minutes a day, you aren’t going to become a programmer even in a hundred years. But if you combine reading a manual with watching at least 10 minutes of video courses daily and doing 10 minutes of real coding each day for a couple of months, at the end you will be able to program something valuable in Haskell. — [How to Learn Haskell in 10 Minutes a Day](How to Learn Haskell in 10 Minutes a Day)Sure. Hopefully, I could benefit from the rest of my working days to learn ReasonML, Purescript & Co.
2019-11-28: > Il est du devoir et de la responsabilité de chacun de prendre en charge sa destinée numérique. En acceptant, sans ne jamais les lire, les conditions d’utilisation des plateformes connectées, les individus donnent volontairement et intentionnellement leur accord pour le traitement et l’analyse de leurs données personnelles par des tiers. Ils devraient, à mon sens, se questionner sur le caractère gratuit des services offerts, sur l’essence de la rentabilité financière des GAFAM et être plus vigilants dans l’espace virtuel au lieu de se laisser distraire et se complaire dans un système qui viole leur vie privée. — Place aux jeunes dans la lutte contre la surveillance
2019-11-28: I’ve built 3 dynamic websites in 6 months, using 3 different technologies (Flask/Heroku, Jekyll/Github & Shiny). You know what? It’s always harder when a database is involved in the process.
2019-11-28: Rebuilding my lightweight inbox… Always a joy nowadays!

2019-11-28: Still not convinced that styler is worth as a formatter in Emacs, at least using the default settings. I will try to fix some of the ugly “spaces, indention, line breaks and tokens” invasiveness. #rstats #emacs

2019-11-28: TIL about Resilio, for Connecting Massive Data Flows. (via Uses This)
2019-11-28: Coding vs. Programming vs. Software Engineering.
Oh my. I thought I was just coding to solve problems in a minimum amount of time.
2019-11-28: How to annotate literally everything.
2019-11-28: Radical markets.
2019-11-28: Your Life in Weeks. (via defmacro)
2019-11-29:   Florence + the Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.
2019-11-29: > The first puzzles will unlock on December 1st at midnight Eastern Time. See you then! —
2019-11-29: An Overview of Cryptography.
2019-11-29: The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning.


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