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Micro-posting in May

May 31, 2019

Quick recap’ of May on the Micro blog.

2019-05-01: A small snack for my son before the TV night…

2019-05-01: Guess what? The Walking Dead, season 9, just arrived in iTunes store. While waiting for GOT (that everyone have fun spoiling apparently), it will do well for the coming days.
2019-05-01: Okay, why not after all!> writing a script to send plain text + HTML emails from Pandoc markdown source files.> – Alexis King
2019-05-01: What’s a good B when doing a bootstrap?
2019-05-03: A useful meta search engine for CRAN packages. #rstats
2019-05-03: The best of both worlds: when Python meets FP at some point. #python
2019-05-03: Trying out pdfgrep on some records on my HD. Works great so far…
2019-05-03: How to use R in Jupyter notebooks and Binder. #rstats
2019-05-03: You’re probably asking the wrong question anyway (so don’t take yourself too seriously).
2019-05-04: 🎥 Upgrade.
2019-05-04:   Tord Gustavsen Trio, The Ground.
2019-05-04: Wednesday was Bologna, today is risotto.

2019-05-04: Clojure – The Essential Reference. Really nice book on the standard library, the why and the how. Sample code available on Github as well. #clojure
2019-05-04: Code Review from the Command Line: Nice CLI workflow for managing changes in a Git repo. (via @_wilfredh)
2019-05-05:   Jan Lundgren Trio, European Standards.
2019-05-05: Hot off the kitchen!

2019-05-05: This is not the first time that I come across some king of ASCII- or OpenGL-based generative art using SBCL*, but @inconvergent‘s work is amazing. Check out the Github repo as well if you like this kind of stuff. #lisp* E.g., flax by Steve Losh, who happened to be on a Twitch coding session today, btw.
2019-05-05: Today is going to be a great day anyhow.

2019-05-05: Teach, Don’t Tell.
2019-05-05: Understanding Awk. (via Irreal)
2019-05-05: vlime – A Common Lisp dev environment for Vim (and Neovim). #vim
2019-05-06: Introduction to High-Performance Scientific Computing.
2019-05-07: <a href=""type="application/rss+xml” class="iconfont icon-music” title="rss">  Some _Jazz chill_ for today’s evening.
2019-05-07: Adversarial attacks on medical machine learning. (via @freakonometrics)
2019-05-07: An Introduction to Functional Programming with Python. #python
2019-05-12: <a href="h"type="application/rss+xml” class="iconfont icon-music” title="rss">   Norah Jones, _Begin Again_.
2019-05-12: I’ve been pretty quite these past few days. It might even be a little longer if I don’t get back to writing online. Part of this distance comes from the fact that, first, I had to deal with side-effects of my medications; second, I’ve spent too much time fighting useless things; and, third, I have no obligation to publish anything anyway, which in a way suits me a lot (I keep writing on my paper notebooks, though).
2019-05-12: In the meantime, here is what I’ve been cooking a few minutes ago…
2019-05-13: Here is a handy script to automagically create and edit a new Hugo post from a Terminal:#!/usr/bin/env bashset -ecd ~/Sites/aliquotePOST="$1"DATE=$(date ‘+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S’)if [ -z “$POST” ]; thenread “Filename: " POSTfiif [ “$POST” = “now” ]; thenPOST=$DATEfihugo new “micro/$”(sleep 0.2 && vim “$HOME/Sites/aliquote/content/micro/$”)I’ve put this in my ~/local/bin directory, which is in my $PATH.
2019-05-13: Here is a little screenshot of Emacs running in a Terminal (Nord theme if you ask). #emacs

2019-05-13: I have no regret now that I took some time to reread this chapter on Mastering Eshell. A few days back, I decided to switch back to Doom Emacs and to use a very minimal configuration, which means no fancy zsh or bash terms, just plain Eshell. #emacs
2019-05-13: TIL degit appears to be a good alternative to git clone for project scaffolding (via Tom MacWright); Heroku won’t let you store flat files on their ‘ephemeral’ servers so easily–see the 12-factor app principles.
2019-05-13: Computational Genomics With R, by Altuna Akalin. #rstats #bioinfo
2019-05-13: Things You Should Never Do (TL;DR: _rewrite code from scratch_).
2019-05-13: grv – Git Repository Viewer
2019-05-14:   Lisa Hannigan & stargaze, _Live in Dublin_. (Not all titles are available at the moment on the #fr iTunes store.)
2019-05-14:   Micah P. Hinson, _Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress_.
2019-05-14: Always impressed when visiting Michael Betancourt’s website by the quality of his notebooks on bayesian statistics.
2019-05-14: Lovely. Oh shit, git!
2019-05-14: Peonies…

2019-05-14: Algorithms for Convex Optimization.
2019-05-14: Deriving Expectation-Maximization. Be sure to check the other articles as well.
2019-05-14: Emacs setup for C++. I second this post since ccls and lsp-ui are much more convenient than rtags, notwithstanding the fact that they are easier to configure. #emacs
2019-05-14: Numpy clone in Common Lisp (via @FunctorFact). #lisp
2019-05-15:   New Order, _Movement_.
2019-05-15: Another nice post on diffusion models: Going Critical. See also this older post of mine. #dataviz
2019-05-15: It’s been 10 years that I subscribed to GitHub (and a little less to Bitbucket), and I’m slowly rewriting (yet another time) and uploading my past lecture notes to public or private external repositories (--theirs in git parlance). That’s quite an exhausting fucking life, isn’t it? I hope I will done for good with my past (life) after all that…

2019-05-15: Still the same routine after 3 months, I’m afraid it doesn’t get any better: when I get home, I’m useless and all I have to do is rest for at least 1h30.
2019-05-15: Things you’re probably not using in Python 3 – but should (via @newycombinator). #python
2019-05-16: Another nice post by John D. Cook on differential privacy: Comparing Truncation to Differential Privacy.
2019-05-16: Coursera à la Google: Best practices for ML engineering, found via _O’Reilly Data Newletter_ (see the associated matrerial on ML).
2019-05-16: Whaouh, I didn’t remember there being so many papers out about it:- Wasserstein, R.L. and Lazar, N.A., 2016. The ASA’s statement on p-values: context, process, and purpose. The American Statistician, 70(2), pp.129-133.- Baker, M., 2016. Statisticians issue warning over misuse of p-values. Nature News, 531(7593), p.151.- Altman, N. and Krzywinski, M., 2016. Points of significance: p-values and the search for significance.- Benjamin, D.J., Berger, J.O., Johannesson, M., Nosek, B.A., Wagenmakers, E.J., Berk, R., Bollen, K.A., Brembs, B., Brown, L., Camerer, C. and Cesarini, D., 2018. Redefine statistical significance. Nature Human Behaviour, 2(1), p.6.- McShane, B.B., Gal, D., Gelman, A., Robert, C. and Tackett, J.L., 2019. Abandon statistical significance. The American Statistician, 73(sup1), pp.235-245.Full links available here, found via _O’Reilly Data Newsletter_.
2019-05-16: Falsehoods programmers believe about Unix time. Or why you need to worry about leap seconds.
2019-05-16: Rethinking Twitter. Fair points, although I don’t share his views on the “Like” feature. I’ve used it a lot in the past (and still today) to bookmark links, instead of storing them on yet another social sharing website.
2019-05-17:   Tord Gustavsen Trio, _The Ground_.
2019-05-17: The Walking Dead S09E05 starting right now.
2019-05-17: Genomics - A programmer’s guide.
2019-05-17: Matrix Methods in Data Analysis, Signal Processing, and Machine Learning, by Gilbert Strang (via HN).
2019-05-20:   Yet another playlist feat. Nick Cave.
2019-05-20: A new version of Clozure CL has been released on the App Store. It essentially fixes a nasty bug on Mojave. I guess I no longer have to use my patched version from now on. #lisp
2019-05-20: Hanging out on Programming Praxis (also on SO as user448810), and I just realized that Chez Scheme is open source. #scheme
2019-05-20: Little upgrade this afternoon. I also updated my TeX machinery with TeX Live 2019.

2019-05-20: Nice to see some fresh new post on Spacemacs from a statistician R and Vim user. #emacs
2019-05-20: TIL there even is some boilerplate template for Hugo and Netlify. Guess the name!
2019-05-20: You may happen to find the PDF or EPUB version, but in case you didn’t know, The Scheme Programming Language is available online for free. #scheme
2019-05-20: A Waste of 1,000 Research Papers ;-)
2019-05-20: Picturing Programs: an Introduction to Computer Programming. #scheme
2019-05-21:   Joy Division, _Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979_.
2019-05-21: I just spent 2 hours debugging a minor issue (a Flask form not updating two recently added fields correctly), then I realized I forgot to add the usual suspects into the update function. Hopefully, Heroku was on maintenance so I had to delay the upload and we are all done now.
2019-05-21: Using Magit from within Spacemacs (via Irreal): I really like this kind of videos, which are usually short (i.e., under 10 min.) and focused on a few key concepts. #emacs
2019-05-21: #stupidme fixed his errors on the Fungi website, done. Wrote a little blog post, done. Drinking some beers to be in good company this night, in progress. Shall we take some time to watch The Keeper of Lost Causes, please?
2019-05-22:   Anne Queffelec, _Satie: Piano Works_. (No link, sorry, as it is no longer available in France.)
2019-05-22: Although I wrote about my own setup a while ago, it’s still interesting to read others’ setup: Managing bibliography using Emacs Org-Mode and Org-Ref. #emacs
2019-05-22: TIL about static and dynamic isochrone maps. Stunning beauty! #dataviz
2019-05-22: While I’m no big fan of convutional or bayesian or even simple NNs, Deep Learning and the like, those techniques certainly outperform standard techniques when it comes to image processing. See, e.g., Few-Shot Adversarial Learning of Realistic Neural Talking Head Models for a recent shot. #arxiv
2019-05-22: Instrumental Variables: Application and Limitations. (via @MaartenvSmeden)
2019-05-23:   Still the same playlist feat. Nick Cave.
2019-05-23: Oh my, I’m just too tired to do anything interesting tonight. Gonna publish my monthly newsletter and go waste some time on Twitch or my AppleTV. #self
2019-05-23: A Primer in Econometric Theory, via someone who forked one of my [deprecated] repo. Apparently, he/she likes Forks ;-)

2019-05-24: After Hyper, here’s Terminus.
2019-05-24: I found the figure “A Flow Chart for Learning Clojure” particularly interesting as a suggested reading list. #clojure
2019-05-24: Beating up on qsort.
2019-05-24: Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving. #bioinfo
2019-05-24: github : a module for building, searching, installing, and managing Stata packages from GitHub. #stata
2019-05-25:   Wollny, Kruse & Shaefer, _[em] Live_.
2019-05-25:   Keith Jarrett, _Rhino Hi-Five_.
2019-05-25: An ode to DEK and TeX: The Lingua Franca of LaTeX (via HN).
2019-05-25: I just finished reading _Loving Common Lisp, or the Savvy Programmer’s Secret Weapon_, by Mark Watson. There are things I liked, things I didn’t. Maybe I should write a review at some point. #lisp
2019-05-25: Well, I believe we are done with Season 9 of _The Walking Dead_. It’s probably time to start the last ‘successful’ and so well spoiled season of GoT!
2019-05-25: Web-like structures in two dimensions, by @inconvergent. Be sure to check the rest of the blog if you like #lisp, #python and #p5js!
2019-05-27:   Tindersticks, _Falling Down a Mountain_.
2019-05-27: Always good to be remembered how to use jq effectively: JSON on the command line with jq.
2019-05-27: Does this mean we can now run Mathematica code without Mathematica? WolframScript enables Wolfram Language code to be run from any terminal, whether or not a Wolfram kernel is available on the system.
2019-05-27: I finished _The Keeper of Lost Causes_ yesterday evening. Tonight, I’m going to try The Absent One, I mean staying awake for at least 45’ – beta blockers are a deal, trust me.
2019-05-27: The more I use or read about Common Lisp, the more I see subtle reincarnations into statistical languages like R (eval and quote, of course) or Stata (foreach and forvalues, close to dolist and dotimes). I barely use Stata or R nowadays, but Lisp dialects still have a bright future ahead, and there are so much to learn. #lisp
2019-05-27: Yet another series of words I would have a hard time to pronounce anyway.

2019-05-27: Programmatically checking for uncommitted changes. I believe this is basically what Magit (when calling list-directories) offers as well.
2019-05-28:   Arno, _Human incognito_.
2019-05-28: > Ivre et je confonds le jour> Et la nuit je leur appartiens> A ces songes qui détourent> Hier et demain
2019-05-28: Always good to be remebered of why software projects take longer than you think.
2019-05-28: I reconfigured my almost defunct Gmail account into mu4e. The fact is that since I’m using mbsync instead of offlineimap, I was missing the SubFolders Verbatim option to allow isync to recognize those funny “[Gmail]/” IMAP paths (or what Google invented as folders, which are no real folders, etc.). Now I am ready to do another round of cleaning! #emacs

2019-05-28: Just in case I need someday: GraalVM installation and setup on macOS (see also A minimal GraalVM Clojure web application).
2019-05-28: Just in case I’m up early tomorrow again: Low-memory symbol indexing with bloom filters.
2019-05-28: Now reading _Serious Python_, written by Julien Danjou, as a sequel of _The Hacker’s Guide to Python_. #python
2019-05-28: Yet another CC license, with “no rights reserved.“
2019-05-28: A practical introduction to the bootstrap: a versatile method to make inferences by using data-driven simulations, with code on GH.
2019-05-28: Apple Accused of Selling ITunes Customers’ Listening Data. If true, this is really disappointing, to say the least.
2019-05-28: Burnout got an official ICD-11 code. (via HN)
2019-05-28: Fancy Euclid’s “Elements” in TeX (via @hardmaru). #tex
2019-05-28: Multiple Email Signatures with mu4e. #emacs
2019-05-28: Purely Functional Data Structures (PDF, 162 pp.), by Chris Okasaki. (via @newsycombinator)
2019-05-29:   Beirut, _The Flying Club Cup_.
2019-05-29: DuckDuckGo has been my default search engine since 1.5 years. But there’s more on the market apparently, e.g. (via Jack Baty).
2019-05-29: The Common Lisp Cookbook looks like an essential resource. #lisp
2019-05-29: Updating Doom Emacs is so much fun compared to Spacemacs on the develop branch. You even get a pointer to check the diff on GH! #emacs

2019-05-29: The reason I am using Altair for most of my visualization in Python. I can understand the why – I too find that Matplotlib is not that good when it comes to statistical graphics, and that’s why I used to use R, Stata, Gnuplot or even Mathematica for that purpose. That being said, Altair like D3js are great but they require much more work compared to statistical packages. That’s why DSLs are important. #python #dataviz
2019-05-29: The sorry state of OpenSSL usability (via HN).
2019-05-29: Variables are not values.
2019-05-29: Your syntax highlighter is wrong. Interesting take on the importance of comments in code. This reminds me of the arguments advanced by Nikita Prokopov (aka tonsky) for developing his own color theme for various editors:> Alabaster highlights comments. Most schemes try to dim comments by using low-contrast greys. I think if code was complex enough that it deserved an explanation then it’s that explanation we should see and read first. It would be a crime to hide it.

It looks like the right move, indeed. I stopped using Google products a while ago, and will probably end up deleting my Gmail account, which is now my _de facto_ junk account for mailing, ads and the like. No need to wait any longer.
2019-05-30:   The Bloody Arm, _Lie Lover Lie_.
2019-05-30:   Listening to some _Mix Chill_ while reviewing my Safari tabs and Twitter likes.
2019-05-30: Didn’t know there were such a thing: The GHTorrent project. (via Greg Wilson)
2019-05-30: Finally it happened! I managed to hold out until 11:00 last night to finish my movie.

2019-05-30: I just noticed that next to the deepl translator, we now have Linguee, a bilingual dictionary–available for iOS.
2019-05-30: I wish I had read this earlier when I stopped myself using Textmate: Coming Home to Vim. The discussion around Vim philospohy for modal editing (verb, noun and adjective) is quite on the point. See, I’m not against Vim itself–I use it to edit those posts, btw–but we need to agree to make some compromise for editing purpose.
2019-05-30: It’s like what everyone would like to have: Introducing Mercury OS. (via @jedisct1)
2019-05-30: Now that I sorted out all the previous items, it’s probably time to go watch this (in)famous last season of GoT!
2019-05-30: Since I’m tired of the “new” R (read, all the stuff around tibble, or tribble, or whatever new name data frames got in the mean time), I thought I would just rely on Gnuplot and, why not, Javascript?
2019-05-30: A Type of Programming, by Renzo Carbonara. (via HN)
2019-05-30: Advanced Data Structures. See also Open Data Structures.
2019-05-30: Handbook of applied cryptography. (via @CompSciFact)
2019-05-30: Introduction to the Year of Emacs. (via Irreal) #emacs
2019-05-30: Mathematics all-in-one cheat-sheet (PDF, 212 pp.). (via HN)
2019-05-31: If you are interested in functional PL and generative art, go check Szymon Kaliski‘s website.> Dacein is an experimental creative coding IDE combining a few different ideas that I’ve been thinking about.


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