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Micro-posting in April

April 30, 2019

Quick recap’ of April on the Micro blog.

2019-04-01:   Arno, Human Incognito.
2019-04-01: > You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring> and recording your online activities. provides knowledge and> tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
2019-04-01: Another screenshot in the dark night…

2019-04-01: Beta-blockers are so much fun. I just stayed out of it for almost four hoursafter I got home from work. And it’s been going on for weeks. Time for anotherbeer I guess.
2019-04-01: Built on top of Bootstrap, the Argon Design System comes with hundred of fullfeatured components and is compatible with mainstream browsers. And thedocumentation is gorgeous.
2019-04-01: I don’t really like editing code in a browser. This is why I rarely use Jupyternotebooks. Likewise, I found that the Emacs EIN package was clunky. This wasyears ago, and I don’t think the project has evolved so much in the recentyears. TIL there’s a new interface to communicate with Jupyter kernels:emacs-jupyter. #emacs
2019-04-01: The borage has finally bloomed again!

2019-04-01: This is the 1000th post! 💪👈textBuilding sites …| EN+------------------|------+Pages | 1000Paginator pages | 160Non-page files | 0Static files | 617Processed images | 0Aliases | 34Sitemaps | 1Cleaned | 0Total in 2825 ms
2019-04-01: Visual Statistics. Use R! (PDF, 429 pp.) #rstats

2019-04-03:   Cigarettes After Sex, Cigarettes After Sex.
2019-04-03: Another command-line utility to deal with flat files: xsv (available onHomebrew).
2019-04-03: Convert images to LaTeX using Mathpix snipping tool. Maybe one day I will learnthat I was wrong about the way I wrote some equations. A little testdemonstrated that it works right out of the box with simple expressions:
Mine was, in this particular case:text$$ \hat f(x) = \frac{1}{nb}\sum_{j=1}^n K\left(\frac{x-x_j}{b}\right) $$
2019-04-03: I somehow forgot about GitUp. A simple git log and more Magit when required, andI’m generally done with tracking what I’ve done. Of course, this is because Imostly work alone. Anyway, I like it when you have a such a clean and minimal UIwhich helps to visualize at a glance (or even act on) a full Git repo.
2019-04-03: Oldie but goodie: normal random number generator in R. (via @BrodieGaslam) #rstats
2019-04-03: Un excellent tutorielEmacs en français ! #emacs #fr
2019-04-03: Statistics for Hackers. Be sure to also check the GH repo of the author, e.g.code_py. #python
2019-04-04:   Alain Bashung, Bleu pétrole.
2019-04-05: 93% of Paint Splatters are Valid Perl Programs. So funny that you probablyhave to read the paper as well.

2019-04-06: 🎥 Matrix Reloaded.
2019-04-06:   Arno, Human Incognito.
2019-04-06: I saw this pandoc LaTeX template popping out on Twitter yesterday. I remembertrying it out at some point when I was looking for some good hand craftedtemplates for R/statistical reports. At that time, many people were also usingthe Metropolis theme for building slides. I wrote custom templates for bothsituations, finally.
2019-04-06: TIL about Bulma, which is a free, open source CSS framework based on Flexbox.Looks like a solid and lightweight alternative to Bootstrap.
2019-04-06: IB Foundations of Data Science (PDF, 106 pp.). Yet another textbook for learningDS “quickly”. Beware, it relies on Python and is quite mathy.
2019-04-06: Python for Epidemiologists: Tutorial in Python targeted at Epidemiologists. Overthe last few years, I came across several attempts at bringing the Pythonstatistical ecosystem to the Epi domain. Now trying this one. #python
2019-04-06: Writing a sqlite clone from scratch in C. I already learned a lot of cool stuffby reading part of this tutorial. I’m eager to learn more. #database #clang
2019-04-07: 📖 Marina Tsvetaeva, Vivre dans le feu (Robert Laffont, 2005)
2019-04-07: Friday burger party for my son:

2019-04-07: Recently, on BSAG’s website: Rethinking my dotfiles setup. Every time it seems Ilearn a new thing about the open source world when reading her blog posts.
2019-04-08:   Diana Krall, The Girl in the Other Room.
2019-04-08: Nothing fancy on Twitter today. The web UI is just poor shit. Try to go back inyour browser history, and a different series of posts appears on the very samepage you landed on just a few seconds before. Oh, and did you ever manage tofind an old posts of yours?
2019-04-08: Eight Obscure Bash Options You Might Want to Know About. (via O’ReillyProgramming Newletter)
2019-04-12: Folllowing the recent scandal around DataCamp, I think DataQuest and Exercismremain good online training centers for anyone eager to learn.
2019-04-12: Great. Just when I was trying to recompile my Hugo website I noticed that the0.54->0.55 upgrade just broke everything! And we can see comments like this. Idon’t care about performance issue or variable name changes or even Go itself. Ijust want a tool to build my static pages, using an old theme that I customizedto my liking. Anyway, since I no time to fix the Go code for the modifiedtemplate I use, let’s go back to the previous release (0.54 has SHA6c0c7919de42ee5d629d3a9786fb111f4498dab3) and pin it for good!shellbrew uninstall hugobrew install pin hugo
2019-04-12: Composing Programs and From Python to Numpy are two of the most invaluableressources I know if you want to learn Python for real. #python
2019-04-13: 🎥 Matrix Revolutions.
2019-04-14: 🎥 Highlander.
2019-04-14: Week-end miscellanies…

2019-04-15:   Fred Hersch, Solo.
2019-04-15: I’m slowly, very slowly, updating the stata-sk project. on the one hand I am not in the best possible state of health, on the other hand my degree of motivation bought dramatically in recent weeks. I’m afraid it may have to end up in the garbage one day or the other.
2019-04-15: At this point (order doesn’t matter, or I guess so), I wonder how this whole DC thing is going to end.
2019-04-17: I really like Yann Holtz’s teaching material, especially his Data analytics and visualization track. #dataviz
2019-04-17: The Carpentries Handbook is live. Go check it if you’ve even been interested in teaching ressources.
2019-04-17: A whirlwind intro to Python: A very nice intro to Python, written using Org. #python
2019-04-18: 🎥 Wolverine.
2019-04-18: Very nice showcase by the Stitch team.
2019-04-18: With all DC teachers who have been out of business, we now have a plethora of nice tutorial comping up here and there. Here is one by Julia Silge on “tidy” text mining, and here is Ines Montani’s Advanced NLP course with spaCy. #rstats #python
2019-04-19: Looks like I just spend my full working day using VS code for Python coding again. It’s perfectly fine for building website (small codebase) or playing interactive script (< 200 LOC). Now, are there any better ways to integrate Jupyter notebooks than this? #python
2019-04-20: 🎥 The Bourne Identity.
2019-04-20: 📖 Iegor Gran, L'Écologie en bas de chez moi (P.O.L., 2011)
2019-04-20: Always nice to read Zachary Tellman’s code on impure functional data structures, even if Java is not my business.
2019-04-20: If you are looking to convert your Python notebook to a slide deck (and you like JS-based slideshow, of course), RISE looks like a good option. There’s also a PDF backend. #python
2019-04-21: > Domain-specific languages are the ultimate abstractions. — Paul Hudak (1998)
2019-04-21: I guess when you have some time to spare on a Sunday evening, you can just push a bunch of commits using the wrong user <email> values (probably updated by SourceTree that I just relaunched for the first time two days ago), right? In this case, this was very helpful. For fancier version, see How to change the commit author for one specific commit?
2019-04-21: Visualising intersecting sets of twitter followers. #dataviz
2019-04-21: hub is “an extension to command-line git that helps you do everyday GitHub tasks without ever leaving the terminal.” I have a working copy, of course, but I don’t use it often – StackOverflow to the rescue. Maybe it’s time to take a closer look…
2019-04-22:   Owen Pallett, In Conflict.
2019-04-22: The joy of deploying on Heroku, when everything works on the first try…

2019-04-22: Embracing Swift for Deep Learning. #swift
2019-04-22: Why Are Big Data Matrices Approximately Low Rank?. (via @@GCLinderman)
2019-04-23: 🎥 The Bourne Supremacy.
2019-04-23: Guess who tried to customize lintr for more than 30 minutes with syntastic while the plugin was globally disabled and I am using ale instead?
2019-04-23: Just curious so I installed the datatable Python package. I’ve been very happy with R data.table package so I hope it will not be too difficult to switch over Python. BTW, the team is doing great things for data science. #python
2019-04-23: Long time Emacs user here: I’ve been using VS Code and NeoVim for five days. I’m perfectly fine.
2019-04-23: news-please – an integrated web crawler and information extractor for news that just works. #python
2019-04-24: 🎥 The Bourne Ultimatum.
2019-04-24: Foundations of Database. Didn’t know we had this from the INRIA team! (via @CompSciFact)
2019-04-25:   Keith Jarrett Trio, The Out-of-Towners.
2019-04-25: Since I’ve been using VS Code for a few days, this probably is a good read for tonight:- Python in Visual Studio Code- Clang/LLVM Support in Visual Studio
2019-04-25: Sample code for the Model-Based Machine Learning book.
2019-04-26: 🎥 Seven Sisters. Because I loved her role role as Lisbeth Salander (and because this one of the few films I’ve seen alone in the cinema).
2019-04-26:   Belle and Sebastian, If You’re Feeling Sinister.
2019-04-26: I may have already posted this: Relearning Matrices as Linear Functions. If not, my bad, and here you are!
2019-04-26: While I loved using nteract, and latter hydrogen on Atom, I’m back to basic Jupyter notebook when I have to. I noticed that the interact team recently released papermill, which can help parameterizing, executing, and analyzing Jupyter Notebooks. #python
2019-04-26: Principles and Techniques of Data Science. #python
2019-04-26: The Tidynomicon, by Greg Wilson. Must-have ressource for those interested in switching to R, with a background in Python (or basically any scientific PL). #rstats
2019-04-27: Tidyverse pipes in Pandas. #python
2019-04-29: 🎥 The Bourne Legacy.
2019-04-30: 🎥 Jason Bourne.
2019-04-30: Generative and Analytical Models for Data Analysis. Nice read!> For both the generative model and the analytical model of data analysis, the missing ingredient was a clear definition of what made a data analysis successful.Also, be sure to check P values are just the tip of the iceberg (PDF).
2019-04-30: Spatial Population Genetics: It’s About Time. (via @strnr)
2019-04-30: Vim anti-patterns, via @_wilfredh. #vim


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