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Micro-posting in January

January 30, 2019

Quick recap’ of January on the Micro blog.

2019-01-01:   Florence + The Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.
2019-01-01: Ryan Tibshirani has nice course on Convex Optimization. If you are interested inMachine Learning or Convex Optimization, you should really take a look at thiscourse.
2019-01-02: We are done with Vikings 4. Starting The 100.
2019-01-02: Algorithms by Jeff Erickson. A PDF (448 pp.) and online material. Nice.
2019-01-04: Two interesting ressources for econometrics-related stuff: Introduction toEconometrics with R, and Time Series Analysis.
2019-01-06:   The Unthanks, Last.
2019-01-06: A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography.
2019-01-07:   Nigel Kennedy, The Kennedy Experience.
2019-01-07: Just trying out Netflix (again!) with Black Mirror, season 1.
2019-01-08: 📖 Raphaël Rupert, Anatomie de l’amant de ma femme (L’arbre vengeur, 2018)
2019-01-08:   Hootie & The Blowfish, Cracked Rear View.
2019-01-08:   The Unthanks, Mount the Air.
2019-01-08: Twitter is broken, but I still enjoy it a little bit. This is the only online account I haven’t deleted last year, but I miss the old good web.
2019-01-09: 📖 Anaïs Nin, Auletris (Finitude, 2018)
2019-01-09:   The Veils, The Runaway Found.
2019-01-09: A few days ago, while reading RSS feed for the irreal blog I found the followingnice post: Emacs in 2018: My Year in Review. Although my first thought was thatthe author was using Spacemacs, it is indeed vanilla Emacs with a specificmodeline, which is actually built using minions and moody. See also Beauty liesin the segments of the mode line. #emacs
2019-01-09: It looks like it is still “free to use, forever”, but there’s now pricing option for TablePlus.
2019-01-09: How to visualize decision trees. A nice tutorial and overview of existingsolutions for visualizing decision trees. The illustrations are really of greatquality, as well as the other articles. For other related projects, see, e.g.,A visual introduction to machine learning, Seeing theory, or even articlespublished on Distill.
2019-01-10:   Louis Ville, Cinémas. In memory of an evening of shared solitude.
2019-01-10:   The Veils, Nux Vomica.
2019-01-10: Hot off the kitchen:

2019-01-11: 📖 Éric Vuillard, La guerre des pauvres (Actes Sud, 2019)
2019-01-11:   Tord Gustavsen Trio, The Ground.
2019-01-11: Currently reading: High Performance Numeric Programming with Swift: Explorationsand Reflections. #swift
2019-01-11: Here is how I tweak my `doom-modeline` to enhance simplicity and functionality:(This assumes that the minions package is installed.)

2019-01-11: Interesting find of the day: Data Science Tooling For Racket. #scheme
2019-01-11: Centaur Emacs - A Fancy and Fast Emacs Configuration. Not interested inswitching from Spacemacs, but in case someone like fancy modeline. (Note thatdoom-modeline is now part of Spacemacs default settings, at least the developbranch.) #emacs
2019-01-14: 🎥 Black Mirror, Season 2.
2019-01-14: 📖 Jean-Pierre Milovanoff, L’offrande sauvage (Grasset, 1999)
2019-01-14:   Tord Gustavsen Trio, The Other Side.
2019-01-14:   Nine hours of great music for this ECM playlist.
2019-01-15: Still on there same playlist, btw.
2019-01-15: Ah, I just noticed that my Netflix account has been hijacked two hours ago.Thanks Netflix for asking me to give you the 8 last digits of my credit cardjust to confirm that it is me in order to delete my account without confirmingit by email! (I did not give them btw.) Goodbye Black Mirror then.
2019-01-15: Wanna customize your fringe with Git markers similar to doom emacs? Add this toyour init.el file:text(with-eval-after-load 'flycheck(setq flycheck-indication-mode 'right-fringe))(with-eval-after-load 'git-gutter-fringe(fringe-helper-define 'git-gutter-fr:added '(center repeated) "XXX.....")(fringe-helper-define 'git-gutter-fr:modified '(center repeated) "XXX.....")(fringe-helper-define 'git-gutter-fr:deleted '(center repeated) "XXX....."))
2019-01-16: 🎥 Taken (for the fourth time!).
2019-01-16:   Another great playlist from the ECM feat. Keith Jarrett
2019-01-16: Ok, hold on! It looks like Vitamin D may not have so much an impact on cancer,heart disease, or stroke (via John Gruber‘s blog). Likewise,saturated fats may not be so much associated to CVD (via Daniel Lemire‘sblog). Great news! Sall we simply replace vitamin D supplements with pornburgers?
2019-01-16: Stata for Exploratory Data Analysis with the eda package (slides). I should really giveit a try at some point. #stata
2019-01-17: 🎥 Taken 2 (because why not… fourth time again).
2019-01-17:   Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane & Matt Garrison, In Movement.
2019-01-17: Today I learnt that my Gmail account has been compromised in (at least) 7 dataleaks over the past few years. If you feel concerned as well, check yours!
2019-01-17: Every little bit helps.> It’s not all or nothing. Something counts. Something works.I hope too.
2019-01-19: I finally changed my Twitter nickname. Not sure if I will be posting anythingmore than the past months, though. If it can prevent from being referencedin a search engine, that’s fine.
2019-01-19: If you are looking for a lightweight and more user privacy-friendly alternativeto Disqus, maybe you should take a look at Commento (via BSAG). I’m not surethis service will last forever and I am not expecting so much comments on thisrandom site so I’ll skip my turn but having an alternative to Disqus is stillinteresting.
2019-01-19: We are nearing the end of the first season of The 100.
2019-01-20: 🎥 Taken 3 (because why not… again).
2019-01-20:   John Surman, Private City.
2019-01-20:   Elbow, The Take Off and Landing of Everything.
2019-01-20:   A nice playlist of alternative music, from the Factory Records.
2019-01-20: Goodbye Tweetbot. I think most desktop app for Twitter are dead. I’ll keep usingthe iPhone app while it is still live, and a browser because why not after all!
2019-01-20: I know nothing about Coq but I am happy that courses like Discrete Mathematicsand Functional Programming are still available for free. (via @Jose_A_Alonso)
2019-01-20: Next to my Twitter account, I also updated my Github nickname, btw.
2019-01-20: Today’s findings: Data Science with Julia (via @ucfagls);Natural Language Processing (via @ml_review).
2019-01-20: Yesterday was cooking time!

2019-01-20: SQLite in 2018: A state of the art SQL dialect.
2019-01-20: Statistical Rethinking is still on my reading list (I know the second edition isready to be sold but I bought the hard copy of the first edition two years ago),but I was reminded of Richard’s nice blog posts like Markov Chains: Why WalkWhen You Can Flow?, thanks to @kaz_yos.
2019-01-22: I’m talking in a vacuum among millions of users. That’s what’s extraordinarywith the internet.
2019-01-22: Some snow in the morning!

2019-01-23:   New Order, Power, Corruption & Lies.
2019-01-23: Hard time for the kids! While it has been shown that digital technologies maynot be so much associated with well-being, teenagers also need moresleep.
2019-01-23: I don’t have very strong requests from a photo manager other than allowing me tobrowse them, and maybe tag or annotate them from time to time. Hence ApplePhotos meets my expectations. However, I understand that others may have morerefined requirements and many apps are available on the market. Jack Batyprobably tested them all. In a recent post, he suggested Mylio which looks likea nice way to manage digital content without any cloud backend. I may try it atsome point.
2019-01-23: Whenever I am looking for something about Emacs I am pretty sure I will end upreading one of Irreal blog posts. This time, I was wondering what’s the betterway to sync an iCloud account using mu4e. Not that I am not happy with AppleMail, but I like having the possibility to work exclusively with Emacs, or toprocess a bunch of emails using my preferred text-based workflow. The solutionthat seems to be working involves mbsync, and this looks perfectly fine to mesince I gave up on OfflineIMAP and switched to mbsync last year. #emacs
2019-01-24:   Jazz Chill.
2019-01-24: Got rid of Telegram, Mendeley, Zotero, Bitly, Tumblr,, and lastly,Amazon (member since 2002!). What’s next?
2019-01-24: I was just reading mu4e 0.9.18: E-Mailing with Emacs now even better, and Ithought that I was a heavy user of mu4e too, but that was before they introduce"contexts” and threaded views. I should really update my Emacs config. #emacs
2019-01-24: Is it worth the time to investigate into this new app (2018 Apple Design AwardWinner) that I bookmarked back in December? Or should I just stand by Org mode?

2019-01-25: I’m finally done with configuring mu4e for Emacs with icloud and the server thatruns this site. If only I haven’t forgot to update my .authinfo credentials…#emacs

2019-01-25: Same playlist of Jazz Chill from Apple. Love it so much.

2019-01-25: While were are talking about Emacs, why not reading some feeds from Twitter directly there? #emacs
2019-01-28:   Villagers, Darling Arithmetic.
2019-01-28:   John Surman, Rarum XIII: Selected Recordings.
2019-01-28: How to clean merged branches from all your Git repos? (Assuming they all live inthe same master directory.):nilfor d in */; do cd $d; echo WORKING ON $d; git branch --merged master \| grep -v "\* master" | xargs -n 1 git branch -d; cd ..; done
2019-01-28: I find it interesting that these days we can still find introductory courses onboth C and Scheme. #scheme
2019-01-28: I’ve been hanging around in this apartment for two years without going out orseeing anyone, except a few friends. I guess that’s one way to look at GettingThings Done, without regard to the details and without really having toaccomplish anything.
2019-01-28: It looks like Elfeed is way more handy than it was, thanks to elfeed-org tohandle OPML files.> As far as I know, outside of Elfeed there does not exist an extensible,> text-file configured, power-user web feed client that can handle a reasonable> number of feeds. The existing clients I’ve tried are missing some important> capability that limits its usefulness to me.Note that Spacemacs uses the key combination g r to update the live feed, not Gas mentioned in Chris’ tutorial. #emacs
2019-01-28: Please take note! I’m trying out iTunes Radio but the next two TV shows will beOccupied and The Expanse for sure.
2019-01-28: Some thoughful ideas there: Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals. (viaJack Baty)
2019-01-28: Well, nobody seems to care about xlispstat support anymore. Just got a weirderror when trying to load some old code from UCLA, notwithstanding the fact thatSpacemacs/ESS actually autoload Julia mode. #emacs````textFile mode specification error: ... ess-20190126.1259/ess-site.elcfailed to define function XLS-mode)```<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-28</a>: [Easy Moving From Vscode To Emacs]( In which we learn that even a fewfunctionalities out of Emacs can make a developper happy.#emacs<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-28</a>: [Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Interactive Version]( Togetherwith [Composing Programs]( I think this is one of the most beautiful interactivetextbook I found on the internet in years.#scheme``#python<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: > Faut-il partir ? Rester ? Si tu peux rester, reste ; Pars, s’il le faut.>> -- Baudelaire, _Les fleurs du mal_<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: Great! Guess who just almost flooded his new keyboard with beer... [Rememberthis](/post/mb-keyboard/)? I guess it's time to watch a TV show and let the Macbook rest.<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: I am looking for solid libraries to perform numerical computation (other thanthe [Science Collection]( which has been partly integrated already), and moregenerally scientific computing, using Racket. I got a few hits from my searchengines but this is mostly old and unmaintained stuff (e.g., [racket-ml](,[data-science]( This [SE thread]( is worth a read although the replies mainly pointto Julia. BTW, note that Tamas K. Papp stopped using CL for scientificcomputation (and also switched to Julia) for [specific reasons](<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: Look, we can still install Stata 13 (MP) on Mojave. Great job guys!#stata
<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: My cat has gone way long ago now, but let's leave a trace here.
<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: Now playing:
<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: You can say what you want, but in the end you should admit that my currentworkspace is all about minimalism. ([Full size version](/img/2019-01-29-21-13-20-full.png))
<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: [Puzzles, Games & Algorithms]( It reminds me that games and UI design are verygood examples to learn a programming language.<br> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;">2019-01-29</a>: [The Emacs C API](
2019-01-29: The Pillars of Functional Programming (via @gappy3000).
2019-01-30: 📖 Jane Birkin, Munkey Diaries (Fayard, 2018)
2019-01-30:   ECM Keith Jarrett