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On leaving social media altogether

October 6, 2018

Last week I deleted my LinkedIn account, or rather I asked “them” to remove my profile ASAP since there is no instant deletion of user account. Note that you can still recover your account if you reconnect within 30 days or so.

I don’t really care if it is 30 or 40, I just wanted to remove my account (I should note that this failed when I tried this from my iPhone during my first attempt). The story in a few screenshots:

I would like to thank Marion M. for letting me join in back in 2007. I have no news and I will miss her, but not LinkedIn.

I am thinking of deleting my Twitter account one day since I no longer get any value of it. I joined Twitter back in 2009 and it was really funny at that time, even if I really started to use it actively in 2010-2011. This was mainly to bookmark my readings or the links I found useful and, above all, to keep up to date with recent discussions related to statistics or the R software. Nowadays, I found myself flooded with unrelated topics that pop up in my timeline and I have to search for specific users when I want to read something interesting. Also, Twitter makes it clear that they want us to make use of their web UI rather than third-party software. This is really funny since the web UI is just weird. Here is what I now get when logged to Twitter:

Anyway, I guess it is time to take a long break as I did before. Now I am back to being a perfect anonymous on the Internet.


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