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Let's close the year

December 31, 2021

And so, this is already the end of the year.

No year in review today, I’m definitely too lazy tonight. All I could say is that the year went by very quickly in the end. I did the job I had planned to do, besides the move and the unexpected medical care, and I could have tinkered a bit more with Scheme and Lisp, but that’s for another time probably. Today, I’m sick (no COVID, though, just a heavy cold) and alone at home. I have, however, enough alcohol to finish my evening looking at the Christmas tree, reading a novel before falling asleep quietly until tomorrow.

I wish I still felt like drawing, but I don’t think I feel like it anymore.

Same for writing.

En tirant sur sa mèche
Je vis apparaître des flocons encore vierges
$\quad\quad\quad$ de toute trace d’encre
Je décidais de prendre sa main
Et tout mon bras se vida de son sang
$\quad\quad\quad$ pour n'être plus qu’une aile repliée
Lorsque j’ai caressé ses lèvres
Le sol se déroba sous mes pieds
$\quad\quad\quad$ me laissant en suspension au-dessus de son corps
Elle prit enfin mon autre main
Pour ne plus que je m'évapore
Mais au lieu de la serrer
Elle a souri et ses yeux sont devenus un reflet
où je voyais danser de minuscules filaments
$\quad\quad\quad$ de mon désir

Quand je m'éveillais et que je ne sentis plus sa main
Je sus qu’elle m’avait dévoré durant mon sommeil

I upgraded my Python, Racket and R packages yesterday, mad made a complete backup of my $HOME directory today. While everything went fine with R and Racket, I broke my pylsp installation, which occurs more often than I would. Every. Single. Time. (This time, the problem came from the tomli dependency). I also added ‘kosayoda/nvim-lightbulb’ to my list of Neovim plugins in order to make code actions more discoverable. Actually, they are available for Haskell, Rust, Python (although it looks like garbage most of the time), and Clojure. At least, those are the languages I use the most with LSP. I also added ‘eraserhd/parinfer-rust’ recently. It works like a charm and it makes working with s-expressions much smoother, especially when deleting part of a form. Finally, I tried another polyglot REPL: ‘hkupty/iron.nvim’ (as a replacement to neoterm, which appears to be on hold since a few months).

If you haven’t listened to Led Zeppelin recently, I can recommend this beautiful cover of Stairway to heaven.

Happy new year to all of you!

♪ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds • Slowly Goes The Night


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