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2022-08-10 10:32 #

Hot days (again). Salad parties almost every day.

2022-08-10 10:29 #

Where things really got broken was when multithreaded applications became commonplace. That’s when ctrl-c basically stopping working at all. — Ctrl-C: Why Programmers Can’t “Reset” Programs With Ctrl-C, but Used to Be Able To, and Why They Should Be Able to Again

2022-08-10 10:27 #

more-itertools is yet another gem when working with Python’s iterables. #python

2022-08-10 10:24 #
2022-08-09 15:01 #

  The Frames, True.

2022-07-08 20:45 #

Git is built on a graph. Almost every Git command manipulates this graph. To understand Git deeply, focus on the properties of this graph, not workflows or commands. — Git from the inside out