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January 2018

Web review #2
Live coding
The setup (2018 edition)
Readings on arXiv
Twitviz #1

December 2017

Web review #1

May 2016

Academic teaching
Multi-Group comparison in Partial Least Squares Path Models

April 2016

Spring quick notes

October 2015

A bag of tweets / October 2015
Data cleaning techniques
El Capitan

September 2015

A bag of tweets / September 2015

August 2015

A bag of tweets / August 2015
Why I am still using Emacs

July 2015

Data Science from Scratch
Yet another gray theme for R base graphics
A bag of tweets / July 2015
Writing a book

June 2015

A bag of tweets / June 2015

May 2015

Stata for health researchers
A bag of tweets / May 2015

April 2015

R, pipes and Co.
Leanpub: a new way to publish your textbook
A bag of tweets / April 2015

March 2015

A bag of tweets / March 2015

February 2015

A bag of tweets / February 2015

January 2015

R Graphs Cookbook

November 2014

A bag of tweets / November 2014
Weaving Stata
Tmux and OS X
OS X Yosemite
Bad Data
Some useful Mac Apps for data scientists

October 2014

A bag of tweets / October 2014
Collecting email usage statistics from mu
Data science at the command-line

September 2014

A bag of tweets / September 2014

August 2014

A bag of tweets / August 2014
Publishing on GitHub
From Beamer to Deckset
Fixing some critical keyboard shortcuts in OS X terminal
Emacs Org-mode and literate programming
A modular configuration for Emacs
Common lisp on Mavericks

July 2014

Back from the VI EAM conference
A bag of tweets / July 2014
OS X Mavericks

June 2014

A bag of tweets / June 2014

May 2014

A bag of tweets / May 2014

April 2014

A bag of tweets / April 2014
Light Table and interactive live coding
Reproducible research with R
Scheme and Emacs
Markdown and slideshow

March 2014

A bag of tweets / March 2014

February 2014

A bag of tweets / February 2014

January 2014

A bag of tweets / January 2014

December 2013

A bag of tweets / December 2013
A bag of tweets / November 2013

November 2013

Twenty canonical questions in machine learning

October 2013

A bag of tweets / October 2013

September 2013

A bag of tweets / September 2013
Some random geeky notes

August 2013

A bag of tweets / August 2013

July 2013

A bag of tweets / July 2013
eHealth, eTools and the like: Welcome to the 21st century
Do a large amount of consulting

June 2013

A bag of tweets / June 2013
Using mu to manage e-mails (followup)
My setup
Stata for structural equation modeling

May 2013

Using mu to manage e-mails
A bag of tweets / May 2013
Python for interactive scientific data visualization

April 2013

A bag of tweets / April 2013
Bar charts of counts or frequencies in Stata

March 2013

A bag of tweets / March 2013
Audit trails in statistical project

February 2013

A bag of tweets / February 2013
Dose finding studies and cross-over trials
Evidence-based medicine and clinical diagnosis
Exploratory data mining and data cleaning
Emacs auto-completion for Python
Winter desk cleaning
Hierarchical Omega coefficient

January 2013

A bag of tweets / January 2013
TextMate 2

December 2012

A bag of tweets / December 2012
Alternative mail reader for Mac OS X
Cognitive diagnosis models
Dicing with death -- Chance, risk and health
Backup strategies

November 2012

A bag of tweets / November 2012
ODBC drivers on Mac OS X
Visualizing results from SQL queries

October 2012

Interactive data visualization with cranvas
A bag of tweets / October 2012
Notes on the ISOQOL 2012 conference
Working with Tables and Pandoc

September 2012

User-friendly statistical packages
A bag of tweets / September 2012
Interacting with Weka from Jython

August 2012

Testlet response theory
Sublime Text
A bag of tweets / August 2012
Some random notes
Markdown everywhere

July 2012

A bag of tweets / July 2012
Factor analysis with categorical data
Upgrading Bash and zsh on OS X
Notes on the ECM 2012 conference
Customizing terminal emulator and the like on OS X
Methods for handling treatment switches
Back from the BoRdeaux conference

June 2012

A bag of tweets / June 2012
CoffeeScript or how to avoid typing ugly Javascript code
Sun of my life
GNU Emacs on OS X 10.7
Back to a Time Capsule
Mendelian randomization

May 2012

A bag of tweets / May 2012

April 2012

A bag of tweets / Apr 2012
Workflow for statistical data analysis
Weaving Stata documents
Latest reading list on medical statistics
Easy creation of videos with R
Playing with Julia
Easier literate programming with R

March 2012

A bag of tweets / Mar 2012
Happy texying
GSL Shell
Work distraction-free OS X desktop

February 2012

A bag of tweets / Feb 2012
Mokken scale analysis
The random joys of living with a Macbook

January 2012

A bag of tweets / Jan 2012

December 2011

A bag of tweets / Dec 2011
Formative vs. reflective measurement
Contemporary or modern psychometrics
Random notes
Fitting genetic models for twin studies
Kiefer's Introduction to statistical inference

November 2011

A bag of tweets / Nov 2011
Playing with DocBook again

October 2011

A bag of tweets / Oct 2011
A bag of tweets / Sep 2011

August 2011

Apple weekend miscellanies
Color schemes for Emacs and TeX
A bag of tweets / Aug 2011
Dimensions or categories?
Ensemble methods in data mining
Summer desk cleaning
IPython 0.11, the new killer app

July 2011

A bag of tweets / July 2011
Installing numpy+scipy on OS X Lion
Welcome OS X Lion
Some notes of caution about subgroup analyses

June 2011

Cronbach's alpha yet again
A bag of tweets / June 2011
Playing with TwitteR

May 2011

A bag of tweets / May 2011
Design of Experiments in R
Recursive feature elimination coupled to SVM in R
Using bootstrap in cluster analysis
Compiling Gnuplot on OS X

April 2011

A bag of tweets / Apr 2011
Pretty printing statistical distribution tables
Computing intraclass correlation with R
Three must-read papers on predictive modeling
Weaving scientific document

March 2011

Three books on statistical methodology for RCTs
A bag of tweets / Mar 2011
Some caveat in Clinical Trials risk assessment
More on bagging
Statistical Learning and Regression
Fitting Rasch model with R lme4

February 2011

A bag of tweets / Feb 2011
Visualizing what Random Forests really do
Psychoco 2011
Time to lush
The 6th CARME conference
Python for statistical computing
Diving into Lisp for statistical computing

January 2011

Yet another interactive shell for numerical calculus: Numeric Lua
Getting started with Slime
A bag of tweets / Jan 2011
A bunch of paper on Multivariate Data Analysis
GIS on a mac
Gmail seasonal cleaning
Archiving my responses on StackExchange
Next Gen database overview
Asymptote and Metapost
Playing with BackupMyTweets
Circular displays for contingency tables
So many programming languages
Venn diagrams and SQL joins in R

December 2010

Fall desk cleaning
Syntax highlighting in LaTeX
Send email via Postfix
Cabal upgrade
Measures of accuracy for classification

November 2010

Psychometrics, measurement, and diagnostic medicine
The 17th annual ISOQOL conference
Welcome to the Macbook Air

September 2010

How to efficiently manage a statistical analysis project
Revisiting Cronbach's alpha
Against the systematic use of Fisher's exact test
Switching to Textpattern
Handling extreme response style
GRADE and evidence-based medicine
A recap' on statistical analysis of RCTs

August 2010

Summary for the 31th ISBC conference
A bayesian t-test
Intelligence, the psychometric view
I got an iPhone 4
Web sharing, web syncing
High-dimensional data analysis in cancer research

July 2010

Permutation vs. bootstrap test of hypothesis
Back from the IV EAM conference
Git, SVN, Emacs, and OVH
R/Qt, an overview

June 2010

Bayesian analysis with Python
Bayesian analysis with R
Visual psychophysics with Python

May 2010

The New Psychometrics (P. Kline)
Recent lectures on HRQL, Genetic Epidemiology, and Psychometrics

April 2010

Cross-cultural issues in quality of life studies
Visualizing data using Tag cloud
Python and indentation
Dynamic visualization using R and GGobi
Blogging about this blog (made with Jekyll)
Switching to biblatex
Ruby on Rails and some Ruby extensions
Customizing iPython
Building R 2.12 and Python 3.1 (development snapshot)
Web scraping with Perl
Upgrading CONTEXT

March 2010

Key Concepts in Mental Health

December 2009

Dive into Ruby on Mac OS X

November 2009

Apple development tools, An overview

July 2009


July 2008

Multiple comparisons and p-value adjustment
Testing BioPython
Embedding C code in a Java app
Reliable and clinically significant change
How to get scientific Python's packages working on Mac OS X Leopard

June 2008

Bioinformatics with Mac OS X

May 2008

Networks, graphs and visualization
Statistical Models for cross-classified data structures
French localization with R under Mac OS X
Paired preferences models
Leopard, about 6 months later

April 2008

Practical Psychiatric Epidemiology
Interaction terms in non-linear models
Penalized likelihood regression
Linear programming with GNU software

March 2008

Around survey methodology and questionnaire design

February 2008

Quality of Life, Psychometrics, and beyond
Handling missing data in clinical trials
Regression Methods in Biostatistics
Applications of Latent Trait and Latent Class Models in the Social Sciences
Methods in Social Epidemiology