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» Web review #222 hours ago

What's up on the internet in January?

» Live coding2 days ago

Here comes the time of "live coding".

» The setup (2018 edition)8 days ago

It is time to give a brief overview of my setup although things have not really changed.

» Readings on arXiv9 days ago

What's going on on arXiv these days?

» Twitviz #114 days ago

Some nice interactive or dynamic #dataviz found on Twitter.

» Web review #119 days ago

Here are some interesting links I keep opened in my web browser for a while in December.

» Academic teaching602 days ago

Yesterday was my last day of academic teaching.

» Multi-Group comparison in Partial Least Squares Path Models602 days ago

This post is about multi-group partial least squares path modeling (PLS-PM).

» Spring quick notes635 days ago

Some quick notes from my recent activities and reading list. Although I am far less active that I used to be in the past (and that I would like to be currently), I still archive--when time allows--interesting things that happen on the web or that I found potentially useful for my work.

» A bag of tweets / October 2015811 days ago

Here is the latest bag of tweets*, which covers October 2015.

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