R Companion to Design and Analysis of Experiments (Montgomery, 2005)


There is an official companion website where additional ressources are proposed, including data set and the like. Douglas Montgomery used Design Expert and the SAS System. Here, I propose to illustrate some of his analysis using the open-source R software.
For those who might be interested, I also wrote a short introduction to SAS PROC MIXED and PROC GLM. It should be found in the appendix of the following document (in french): Les modèles mixtes sous R et SAS (when I'll decide to release it because it's actually no more than a draft).

This project is now maintained through GitHub. These files are kept for historical reasons but won't be updated anymore.

Up to now, I've only completed Chapter 1 to 6. The beta version of this handbook is, however, available to download, with the accompanying R scripts (see below).

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